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Meeting Minutes Sunday, July 7, 2010

Persons Present:

  • Babar Zahoor
  • Ali Raza
  • Mustufa Qasim
  • Waqas Jamal
  • Abdul Jabbar


The meeting started off with everybody's introductions.

Mustafa enlightened everyone about our initiative, its importance and how we look forward to do it.

Babar told us about, explaining the importance and goodwill behind the Pakistan Open Source Foundation. He explained the value of Open source solution with an example of Asterisk, Wordpress, OrangeHRM, Joomla and Wordpress framework. He said that a new dawn is upon us, Linux should not only be used in homes for fun, linux used to be a thing of ISPs but now gradually its importance is felt even on the application targeting organization.

Babar carried on with Linux solutions, the most important being that Linux is virus free, it being cheap hence making a country prosperous as the money can be saved and used for the betterment of infrastructure. he explained Unix's history, GNU and what started the Linux movement

Mustafa explained why he hates patents. Patents should not be applied to technology.

Babar briefed more about the free software movement, and everybody's right to technology. Why MS Windows is popular in Pakistan, and how Linux can fight back.

Action Items:

  • To make the foundations of POSF and Fedora Pakistan stronger.
  • Babar Zahoor will make a training video on Fedora Pakistan based on the data Mustafa will send to him. This video will help the new comers of Fedora Pakistan community get up to speed with the project and guide them on how to stay active.
  • Next meeting time is to be decided by polling.

Attendees Contact

  • Ali Raza:
  • Mustu:
  • Babar Zahoor:
  • Jabbar Butt:
  • Waqas Jamal: