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Peter Reuschlein

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I´m a 24 year old German living in a pretty small village near Würzburg. I started with linux, as far as i can remember with RH 5, made my journies through other distributions and finaly found my home at fedora (:

For the money thing i work as an SAP Consultant for the "Comgroup", an IT company of the Würth group.

My goals is acquiring and sharing as much knowledge as possible and perhaps getting the RHCA certification in the future. There are still plenty things to learn :)


  • Email:
  • IRC: petreu/Standbye/Standby (normaly found in #fedora #fedora-de)
  • GPG key: B36B6FB9
  • Fedora Account: petreu

Activities within Fedora

  • Spend some time with translating in 2007/08, currently im pretty short on spare time.
  • I´m also thinking of spreading fedora a bit more in my rural environment
  • Joined the Ambassador Project to provide some help for the LinuxTag 2008 in Berlin