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Plague Builder Configuration

The plague builder configuration file is needed on each system used as a builder. You do not need this file on your plague server unless it is also being used as a builder.

A default builder config file can be created by running plague-builder with a non-existant config:

plague-builder -c /etc/plague/builder/plague-builder.cfg

Here is an example config file:

builder_key_and_cert_dir = /etc/plague/builder/certs
use_ssl = yes
ca_cert = /etc/plague/builder/certs/buildsystem_ca_cert.pem

target_configs_dir = /etc/plague/builder/targets
builder_work_dir = /local/plague/builder_work

fileserver_port = 8889
xmlrpc_port = 8888
hostname =

debug = yes
builder_cmd = /usr/bin/mock
builder_user = plague-builder