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This test case verifies graphically adding a DVD-based package repository during installation. Testing also includes verifying proper installation of packages included in the repository.


  1. Burn DVD.iso image to an optical disk.

How to test

  1. Boot the installer from DVD.iso or pxeboot images etc.
  2. At the software selection step, click Add additional software repositories and provide the information listed. You may also click Modify repository to replace an existing entry. Enter the following information, then select OK
    • Repository type - CD/DVD
    • Insert the disc into your drive
  3. Select Customize now, then click next
  4. Check several packages or package groups provided by the additional repository on the screen

Expected Results

  1. The package metadata from DVD repository is read correctly
  2. The expected packages or package groups provided by additional repository appear on the package detail screen
  3. Anaconda completes and system reboots successfully
  4. The checked packages provided by additional repository are installed in the system