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This test case is to test dnf5 makecache / clean commands


Install the pre-release version of Fedora 38

How to test

  • Install dnf5 using sudo dnf -y install dnf5
  • Run sudo dnf5 clean all
  • Run sudo dnf5 makecache
  • Install any package using dnf5
  • Run sudo dnf5 clean metadata
  • Run sudo dnf5 clean all

Expected Results

  • Dnf5 is installed
  • Ensure /var/cache/libdnf5/ is empty
  • Ensure /var/cache/libdnf5/ contains information about repositories and these folders contain repodata
  • Dnf5 installs the package and doesn’t download information about repositories
  • Repositories in /var/cache/libdnf5/ are empty
  • Repository /var/cache/libdnf5/ is empty