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Document Viewer is focused on providing a simple and effective way to find, organize and view documents, spreadsheets and presentations stored locally or on various online services. Currently Google Docs and Microsoft SkyDrive are supported.

Supported filetypes are formats supported by LibreOffice (including common Microsoft Office formats), PDF, DVI, XPS and PostScript.


  • Add Google and Windows Live accounts as described in Online Accounts test case.
  • Install package Package-x-generic-16.pngunoconv for viewing Microsoft formats.
  • Have some documents, spreadsheets and presentations stored in Google Docs/Microsoft SkyDrive. Use also directories.

How to test

  1. Run application Documents.
  2. Use "Super menu" to change files view to grid or list and to go on fullscreen in viewer mode.
  3. One by one, open some documents, spreadsheets and presentations in viewer and browse directories.
  4. Search for files and directories. Try filtering by source, type and/or match.
  5. Try printing documents, spreadsheets and presentations from inside and outside of viewer mode.
  6. Select some files and/or directories by right click, open "Organize" dialogue and click "Add to collection".
  7. Select a file or directory and open properties.
  8. Select a file and open it in your web browser using "folder" icon.

Expected Results

  1. You should see all your documents, spreadsheets, presentations and directories stored locally in your $HOME/Documents directory, on Google Docs and/or Microsoft SkyDrive.
  2. Documents should show file types, sources and time of last edit in list view.
  3. All directories and files can be opened and should contain same data as in the web clients.
  4. Documents should find documents, spreadsheets, presentations and directories that you are expecting to find using keywords and filters.
  5. Printer dialogue should open and you can print to file or on printer.
  6. New collection should appear with selected files/directories inside.
  7. Properties should contain correct informations.
  8. Default web browser should be opened with login dialogue to Google Docs or Microsoft SkyDrive and show selected file after you login.