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Purpose of this test is ensure that akonadi (if configured to use MySQL engine as a back-end) works properly with MariaDB database.


You need to install mariadb-server, akonadi-mysql and kdepim packages.


1. Install necessary packages

# yum install mariadb-server akonadi-mysql kdepim

2. Check that akonadi is configured to use mysql backend: run SystemSettings, choose "Akonadi Configuration" from "Workspace Appearance and Behavior", go to "Akonadi Server Configuration" tab - the "Database driver" field must read Mysql

3a. Use knotes application to write some notes during your work

3b. Use kaddressbook application to add, edit or remove contacts

3c. Use kmail application to work with e-mails and also with e-mail folders; if possible, try various storages (local, IMAP ...) and moving between them

3d. Use korganizer application to work with calendar


Aplications kmail and kontact allow you to import data from other applications like thunderbird or evolution. The import wizard is launched when applications are started the first time or in the application using Tools -> Import Wizard. Feel free to use the import to load data to these applications.

Expected behaviour

All applications from kdepim should work and store data without warning or errors. After restarting the applications or the system (if not run as a Live OS) already stored items should be kept.