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This test case tests whether suspend / resume works successfully with the alsa audio driver.Your system must be capable of suspending and resuming normally (for instance, it worked in previous Fedora releases).

How to test

  1. Shut your system down entirely, then start it up again and log in to the desktop.
  2. Run the Totem media player - command totem, or Movie Player in the system menus.
  3. Try to play a sound file located on your computer, or from a remote server with the Open Location option - for example this one. Make sure it is in a supported format; Ogg Vorbis is a safe choice.
  4. Suspend the system (for e.g. left click the battery icon and click 'suspend') when playing audio.
  5. Resume the system.

Expected Results

  1. The system should come back with the audio correct and continue to play audio as before.