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This test case tests whether the Palimpsest disk management tool can manage a remote system's disks. It requires two systems on the same network, with working Zeroconf (Avahi) browsing and ssh access between the two: ensure Avahi and ssh are installed and enabled, and correctly configure or disable any firewalls. udisks must be installed on both systems


  1. Ensure the gnome-disk-utility packages is installed
  2. Launch Gnome Disks, with the command gnome-disks or as Disks in the Activities view.

How to test

  1. Open the File menu and click on Connect to Server...
  2. Click on Browse...
  3. Verify that the desired remote machine (and any other appropriately-configured systems) appear in the dialog
  4. Select the system, and enter appropriate credentials (user name) to connect to it
  5. Check that the disks attached to the remote system are accurately displayed in the tool
  6. If you have the appropriate credentials, connect as root and try to configure the disks (mount, unmount, create and destroy partitions)

Expected Results

  1. The tool should discover all appropriately-configured systems on the network, and connect to any you choose, given appropriate credentials
  2. The tool should accurately display the disks attached to the remote system, and allow you to configure them if connected as root