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Plugin replaced by packages
In Fedora 24 and later, the dnf-langpacks plugin is intended to be replaced by langpacks packages taking advantage of the newly-support RPM weak dependencies features. The corresponding test case for this mechanism is QA:Testcase dnf langpacks packages.

This test case tests whether the DNF langpacks plugin can show available language translations for a given locale. For testing the functionality of the plugin, using a common locale like 'fr' is recommended. The 'results' section assumes the use of 'fr'.

Locale / language names
You can either use locale code or language name for dnf langpacks commands.


  1. Check if your system has dnf-langpacks plugin installed by running:
    • rpm -q dnf-langpacks
  • If the package is not installed install it using dnf:
    • dnf install dnf-langpacks

How to test

  1. To list the already installed language support, run:
    • dnf langlist
  2. To check if any language support is available for your language, run:
    • dnf langavailable <locale_code>/<languagename>
  3. To list what packages will get installed for any language, run:
    • dnf langinfo <locale_code>/<languagename>
  4. To add new language support, run:
    • dnf langinstall <locale_code>/<languagename>
  5. To remove installed language support, run:
    • dnf langremove <locale_code>/<languagename>

Expected Results

  1. dnf langlist should list many available languages
  2. dnf langavailable fr should show fr is available
  3. dnf langinfo fr should show a list of the packages that may be installed to provide French support for various applications and components
  4. dnf langinstall fr should install all packages that provide French support for installed applications and components (but not packages relating to non-installed applications and components). For e.g. if Libreoffice is installed, libreoffice-langpack-fr should be installed, but not if Libreoffice is not installed
  5. dnf langremove fr should remove all French language support packages