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This test case ensures that the appstream-data package provides correct and valid metadata for the software applications available in Fedora. The metadata is essential for app centers like GNOME Software to show accurate and comprehensive information about available software to the users.


  1. Ensure appstream-data and appstream-util packages are installed. If not, install them with the command: sudo dnf install appstream-data libappstream-glib

How to test

  1. Validate the appstream metadata by running: appstream-util validate /usr/share/swcatalog/xml/fedora.xml.gz (this step will take a long time with no obvious feedback, please be patient)
  2. Open an application center (like GNOME Software) and browse through a few applications to see if the metadata (like application description, screenshots, etc.) appear correctly.

Expected Results

  1. The appstream metadata validation should show no errors.
  2. In the application center, the metadata for applications should appear correctly without any missing information or graphics.


Optionally, compare the metadata for a few popular applications with their official website or repository information to ensure accuracy.