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This test case covers various features of the GNOME Music application.


Fedora repository doesn't include codecs for playing patent-restricted music formats like AAC. You must do this testcase only with open format, legally downloaded music.
  • Ensure GNOME Music is installed.
    • Note: GNOME Music is not (and should not be) installed by default since Fedora 21. You will have to manually install it.
  • Download some music in open music format, for example here.

How to test

  1. Make sure Tracker is running and run application Music. Run 'G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=org.gnome.Music gnome-music' in debug mode to get more log output in console
  2. Move your music into ~/Music
  3. Try to search, sort and click through artists, albums and songs.
  4. Play music from remote sources: Jamendo / Magnatune / UPnP sources
  5. Add/remove playlists and add/remove tracks to/from playlists

Expected Results

  1. Music should play without problem.
  2. No files outside ~/Music are displayed
    • Album art data is displayed for albums
    • Video files, which contain audio track, are filtered out
  3. Files can be seeked correctly
    • Shuffle/Repeat modes work as expected
    • Pressing Space pauses / resumes playback
    • Back button in Shuffle mode plays up to 10 previous songs
    • Back button on toolbar returns to previous view (if available)
    • Filter-as-you-type works on every screen
  4. Tracks from remote sources work correctly
    • Files from remote should behave as if they were local: searched, played and seeked
      • Known issue: cannot be added to playlists
    • Advanced search features (filtering by match type / source) works correctly
  5. Playlists work as expected