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For my real job, I'm a researcher in the area of communications systems, and my primary tool for system simulations since I was a student has been Octave or Matlab (its commercial equivalent). I was fortunate to discover octave as a graduate student, and have used it on a regular basis ever since then. I joined Fedora Extras because I was already packaging a lot of octave-related software for my own use and I frequently found myself answering questions about Octave and Fedora on the Octave mailing lists. Most of the packages I maintain are related to octave in some way.

Packages I maintain (listed by dependency)

  • octave
  • atlas
  • fftw
  • glpk
  • ufsparse
  • octave-forge (add on tools for octave)
  • ginac
  • cln
  • fig2ps