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Fedora Release Engineering Meeting :: Monday 2008-09-22

F10 Beta Delayed

IRC Transcript

f13 ping: spot jeremy lmacken warren notting poelcat rdieter wwoods 10:00
rdieter yo 10:00
* spot is here 10:00
* lmacken 10:00
* jeremy is around-ish 10:00
* warren is on drugs. 10:00
* wwoods here 10:01
f13 notting txtd me and said he's running late due to errands. 10:01
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora rel-eng - F10 Beta 10:02
f13 so... the beta that just won't be. 10:02
warren how's X doing? 10:02
rdieter boo 10:02
f13 we're still fighting installer issues, so beta is going to slip 10:02
f13 there just isn't enough time to do a compose today of everything and have it fully staged by Thursday 10:02
f13 warren: better? 10:03
f13 right now we're looking at more networking issues in anaconda, after fixing some language selection issues, twice. 10:03
warren f13: is this pushing us against thanksgiving? 10:03
f13 we tried a couple builds over the weekend but it's just not in place. 10:03
f13 warren: we'll have to talk about that. We can either take a week in post-beta, or slip a week or two after turkey day 10:04
warren going past thanksgiving at least makes it happen before christmas... 10:04
warren taking away beta time seems unwise IMHO 10:04
warren but we can discuss that later 10:04
* poelcat here 10:05
f13 so the thing is right now, we're still got a GA date of the 18th 10:05
f13 which is the week before thanksgiving 10:06
f13 even if we slipped a week and did GA on the 25th, that's two days before, /and/ we would have had to be fully done with development nearly a week before that anyway 10:06
wwoods so slipping a week closer to thanksgiving is probably not disastrous 10:09
f13 that's my opinion 10:09
f13 and if we fail later, we just slip right over thanksgiving 10:09
warren The week of thanksgiving is pretty much a loss 10:10
warren people wont be around 10:10
warren people will be traveling 10:10
notting people *with lives* won't be around. 10:10
warren people will be setting up their staycations in their patio 10:10
spoleeba notting, i have no live... i will be travelling 10:11
warren f13: ok, so we need to slip due to installer issues, anything need to be decided? 10:14
f13 I propose that we slip to releasing Tuesday the 29th 10:15
f13 push the remainder of the schdule dates out a week as well 10:15
notting how broken is broken? 10:15
notting 'no trees now, so we're kind of screwed'? 10:15
f13 notting: media installs traceback 10:15
f13 notting: networkinstalls don't start unless you force network bring up in stage1 10:16
f13 (and currently traceback on something) 10:16
f13 so we have trees, they're just useless for installing 10:16
f13 they're essentially "little" things, but it's one of those clear the pathways to find more bugs kind of deals. 10:17
f13 that and I think our testing grid is rather... blank at the moment, and I'm a bit curious why that is 10:17
f13 wwoods: where is that testing matrix again? 10:18
f13 10:18
f13 utterly blank. 10:19
wwoods we keep respinning the tree and I keep invalidating my results. 10:19
f13 ok, but if we have failures, don't those stay failures until we have a tree that works? 10:20
f13 (maybe we need a way of marking this?) 10:20
warren if network installs fail 10:21
warren and media installs fail 10:21
warren that sounds like fail? 10:21
poelcat shouldn't we be filing bugs? 10:21
f13 warren: was there something useful to the discussion there? 10:21
warren f13: no. 10:22
poelcat and watching blocker bugs 10:22
f13 poelcat: yes, we should, I asked the original reporter of the network traceback if he filed a bug, however I think clumens already fixed it. 10:22
f13 poelcat: I've been entirely too busy making trees show up to do any testing this time around. 10:22
* poelcat was just thinking of from the perspective of tracking failures 10:23
f13 poelcat: sure, there are known bugs that haven't been filed, I'm going to try and sort those out here shortly 10:24
f13 and we really need to attack the testing matrix instead of running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to bandaid failures. 10:25
f13 so I think we need to float this proposal of a week slip to FESCo just to get their stamp on it and go to work. 10:26
f13 As far as getting bits to test, mmcgrath hooked me up with 10:28
f13 10:28
f13 which has rsync as well 10:28
f13 I've been staging live images and spins as I produce them. 10:28
f13 so if you can't get to things on reducto (and there aren't live images there so you can't) use 10:28
f13 the live images there are a few days old, didn't put up the latest due to busted anaconda. 10:28
f13 butthat's where they'll show up for testing. 10:29
f13 anything further on Beta? 10:30
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora rel-eng - Open Floor 10:32
f13 anything else? 10:32
wwoods nope, I think you pretty much hit it on the head 10:32
notting f13: you sending the proposal fesco-wards? probably should do e-mail 10:32
f13 notting: yeah, I'll send the mail. 10:34
f13 I'm going to float it around internally for schedule conflicts as well. 10:35
f13 alright, calling the meeting. 10:35

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