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Fedora Release Engineering Meeting :: Monday 2009-02-23

General Summary

  • the only difference between last week's discussion and this weeks is the introduction of 'dist-f11-rebuild' tag, and tagging every build into there before moving the whole kit over to dist-f11
  • every box in the buildsystem is running rpm-4.6.0
  • is the first build to use the new redhat-rpm-config
  • EL-5 scratch builds are now possible
    • we will need to work out how to do EPEL releng in bodhi
    • post mass rebuild
  • f13 following up on Orphan process
  • Need a new meeting minutes taker starting at the next meeting (2009-03-03)

IRC Transcript

f13 ping: jwb rdieter lmacken spot wwoods notting poelcat warren 10:29
f13 warren: do you still want to be pinged for these meetings? 10:29
jwb here 10:29
* notting is vaguely here 10:29
warren f13: for the moment yes. 10:29
rdieter yo 10:30
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering - Mass Rebuild 10:31
f13 short topic list today, only one. The rebuild. 10:31
f13 koji outage is over, and redhat-rpm-config to turn on sha256 just got build 10:31
f13 builds done after Mon, 23 Feb 2009 18:31:07 UTC will have sha256 10:31
f13 I'm going to let a build or two finish, and then let the script rip 10:32
f13 any thoughts/comments on the rebuild sprocess? 10:33
f13 the only difference between last week's discussion and this weeks is the introduction of 'dist-f11-rebuild' tag, and tagging every build into there before moving the whole kit over to dist-f11 10:33
f13 this will help save build loop issues with automated provides/requires on pkgconfig(foo) stuff 10:34
f13 and add some logic to what gets tagged over to lower the liklyhood of an automated rebuild overriding a manual rebuild 10:34
warren f13: what if they have the same N-V-R between the two? 10:38
f13 pardon? 10:38
f13 that's not possible. 10:38
warren f13: what does "automated rebuild overriding a manual rebuild" mean? 10:38
f13 the CVS system won't allow the same N-V-R to be used twice 10:39
f13 warren: here is the scenario. 10:39
f13 the automated rebuilds get put in a background build, which means they have the lowest prioirty 10:39
f13 priority that is. 10:39
f13 if at some point, after an automated build was submitted, the maintainer goes and does a further build of a pcakge for some other reason, the maintiainer issued build may get built first, at a higher priority 10:39
f13 then the automated build will get done, and if it were tagged normally, it would appear as the "latest" build of that package. 10:40
f13 hiding the maintainer done build. 10:40
warren oh. because latest-pkg really is latest, not "newest" 10:40
f13 so instead, we are tagging every automated build into dist-f11-rebuild and will be using a script I wrote to verify that the automated build was indeed the last build completed before tagging it over. 10:41
f13 warren: that's correct. Latest == 'last tagged' 10:41
f13 which is even more specific than the time the build was done 10:41
f13 the only thing that matters to koji is when the tag action occurred. 10:41
warren f13: the buildroot used to build dist-f11-rebuild will be dist-f11 without partially gcc-4.4 built packages? 10:44
f13 there is no "buildroot" for dist-f11-rebuild 10:44
f13 dist-f11-rebuild is just a holding tag. The builds themselves use the dist-f11-build buildroot, same as builds from dist-f11 10:44
warren but do dist-f11-rebuild tags go into dist-f11-build? 10:45
warren A is built. B is built against A. A isn't the gcc-4.4 version. 10:45
f13 no, they don't. 10:46
f13 the goal isn't necessarily to have everything built against something that was built with gcc-4.4, the goal is just to have everything built with gcc-4.4, and with bigger rpm checksums, and with the new build flags. 10:47
f13 in order to build everything against something that was built with gcc-4.4, we'd have to do multiple passes. 10:47
warren I know. 10:47
warren I'm just wondering if there are differences or problems if things are not built against gcc-4.4 built deps. Probably not. 10:47
f13 matt's FTBFS will pick up some of that 10:48
warren No real complaints here, was just wondering. 10:49
f13 nod 10:49
dgilmore please report odd build failures 10:49
dgilmore there were alot of changes 10:50
* wwoods lurks 10:50
f13 dgilmore: we will 10:50
dgilmore every box in the buildsystem is running rpm-4.6.0 10:50
f13 is the first build to use the new redhat-rpm-config 10:50
dgilmore :) 10:50
dgilmore after resolving some issues with F-9 and srpm chroots. all releases seem to be building fine 10:51
f13 cool 10:51
dgilmore not that it matters here EL-5 scratch builds are now possible 10:52
f13 nice 10:53
dgilmore we will need to work out how to do EPEL releng in bodhi 10:53
dgilmore but thats post mass rebuild 10:53
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering - Open Floor 10:54
f13 anything else anybody woudl like to discuss? 10:54
dgilmore i changed the task capacity of the ppc builders 10:54
mbonnet dgilmore: do we want to rebuild something that gets pulled into buildroots (bash, for example) with larger hashes, to ensure that's working before the mass rebuild starts? 10:54
dgilmore so please keep an eye on them also 10:54
f13 I know that poelcat is no longer going to manage the meeting minutes, after beta, so we'll need to find a volunteer for that. 10:54
f13 mbonnet: I can do that 10:54
dgilmore mbonnet: bash was my local test case 10:54
mbonnet f13: ok, seems like a good idea to make sure that's working 10:54
f13 yep. 10:55
f13 I'll do bash, and once there is a newrepo with it, I'll do pungi. 10:55
dgilmore :) 10:55
f13 if those work, I'll let the script loose on the package set. 10:55
mbonnet f13: sounds good 10:55
poelcat f13: orphan process? 10:57
* poelcat can't remember where we left off w/ it, but remembers seeing an email 10:57
f13 oh yeah, I had a couple people comment on fedora-devel-list saying that they were going ot do this 10:58
f13 however I haven't seen any work done. I'll try to follow up. 10:58
mitr (xmoto looks fine) 10:59
f13 woo! 10:59
f13 mitr: well it hasn't been imported yet 10:59
f13 that's the real test 10:59
warren f13: question 11:00
f13 warren: shoot 11:01
warren f13: how long will we wait between start of mass rebuilds and moving -rebuild to - 11:01
warren f13: maintainers might be confused if they see commits and build success mail but a few days later the package isn't in rawhide 11:01
f13 warren: basically I'm going to wait the builds from the first round to finish 11:02
f13 and I don't know how long that will take. We have more builders than ever before, but we also have dynamic build weighing which we didn't have before, and we have more packages, more packagers, not sure what other load will be like 11:02
f13 so it'll be a bit, but I'll be likely making some reports of the progress each day to fedora-devel or fedora-devel-announce. 11:02
warren cool 11:03
f13 We're at meeting end time, I'll happily discuss further in #fedora-devel 11:03

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