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Fedora Design Packages WishList

Proposed packages to include in Fedora repository for Design Team. When future packager picked up the desired software for review, please move it in the review process. If the sofware cannot be included in Fedora repository, move the software in refused packages and list the reason.


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  • Status - Name and url - Description - Comments
  • PSPI (Lets you install Photoshop plugins) - may be problematic because of wine requirement
  • Refocus
  • Color Match
  • Focus Blur
  • Contrast Blending
  • Image Registration
  • Save for Web
  • Swatchbooker its a tool for manage swatches, mostly color sets now, its not active developed but it still works and is helpful for e.g. converting color palettes from adobe swatch exchange (*.ase) to *.gpl. Its not packaged yet but thats not a big deal, its python.
  • Alchemy , not easy to describe what it does, it helps to create a creative chaos where you can work with. Its not really active developed but it still works, is also not packaged yet. It uses java and netbeans
  • Evolvotron its a tool for generate creative patterns. Its not packaged yet should be harder as it uses c++/QT
  • NeoTextureEdit it helps you to create seemless textures, for 3D games or blender. Also not packaged yet, it uses java
  • jlipsyncor Papagayo , both do the same taking a sound file and try to recognize the phonemes. With help of that tool you can animate 3D/2D speaking characters. jlipsync bases on java and papagayo on python, personally I prefer Papagayo but its tricky on 64bit machines as the development stopped and there are no 64bit versions
  • StopMotion its a tool for creating stop motion animations with your camera, it was started once from SkoleLinux but isnt active developed anymore but it still works.
  • Tupi is a tool for doing 2d animations, but easier to learn and handle as SynfigStudio, puiterwik tries to package it since a few days
  • Alchemy - chaos generation tool, good for artists and sketchers
  • Denim - UI sketching tool. BSD license. Created by the University of Washington. Crossplatform TabletPC input.
  • GimpShop - GimpShop is a fork of gimp for more compatibility with a commercial image editing program.
  • HandBrake - HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder.
  • Lightworks - is a non-linear editing system for video.
  • Pencil2D - an animation/drawing software
  • Dopey - A 2D animation program based on MyPaint