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Oleg Kuznetcov (a.k.a. Misha Shnurapet)


  • Russian from Siberia living in Italy
  • PhD in Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Communication from the University of Bologna
  • Speaking Russian, English, Italian and Spanish
  • Working at OLÈXICA — an online translation agency in Ravenna, Italy

I support projects that bring innovation, and technology that is enjoyable, easy and adaptable. I enjoy working on software that manifests a new approach, demonstrates a fine solution, or is an interesting experiment.

Activities in Fedora


  • Former coordinator of the Russian translation team


Other activities outside Fedora

I've been translating and proof-reading for the GNOME Project. I have mostly been interested in Banshee and Deluge, two great products for GNU/Linux, OS X and Windows. I'm a former member of The GNOME Foundation and its .

I translate for Android. I first translated the BitTorrent client tTorrent Pro and maintained the application's user interface translation into the Russian language.

I work in translation and localization. Contact me on Linkedin! :)