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This page describes a project which is not currently under active development
The technical concepts remain valid, and support for read-only root with separate state is included in Fedora, but there is not current new work in this area.

Some of the tasks involved in setting up a stateless linux system include:

  1. Installing and configuring your stateless server
  2. Creating an image to be used by your stateless clients
  3. Configuring and booting a client with an image
  4. Modifying an image and making those modifications available to clients

Below we hope to create a set of HOWTOs describing various options for how one goes about these tasks using current (FC6) rawhide. In time, we will develop tools to make these tasks far easier, but in the mean time they will serve as a decription for what the future tools will do.

Booting Images

There are various additional in which you can now use the image:

  1. Boot it via an NFS exported directory with Xen
  2. Boot it via a file on an NFS export
  3. Boot it it via iSCSI
  4. Create a LiveCD using the image