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Changes to make from FPC meeting:

(09:35:04 AM) spot: What about if we change the first line from: "It is bad practice for a package to use a name that could conflict with other utilities. For instance, "trash" is a bad name to choose because it is so generic that other packages could easily pick the same name." to simply "It is bad practice for a package to use a name that is likely to conflict with other utilities."
(09:35:31 AM) abadger1999: That change is fine with me.
(09:35:40 AM) spot: take generic out of the picture, and change it to the likelyhood of conflict
(09:35:52 AM) tibbs: Yes, that makes sense.
(09:36:55 AM) tibbs: Also, this skirts the hard issue.  The package name is easy; things like executables aren't so easy.
(09:36:57 AM) Rathann: <nod>
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(09:38:58 AM) abadger1999: True... the executables would have to be renamed as well.
(09:39:07 AM) abadger1999: Maybe should add that explicitly in there.
(09:39:23 AM) spot: I think if we're going to go this far, we should.
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(09:39:43 AM) spot: but that probably belongs in the Packaging:Conflicts section
(09:39:47 AM) spot: not the naming section
(09:40:14 AM) tibbs: Indeed.  So do we want to table this until we can do the whole thing, or do we want to vote on just this part first?
(09:40:17 AM) abadger1999: Right.  We probably want this in the Conflict Guideline with a link to it from the Naming section if we do that.