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Hi, maybe you ask yourself why I have refused your haskell spin.. so, the first think I have noticed is that you haven't a ISO Name / FS Label.

add that, and try again ;-)

kind regards, Bert Desmet

  • sorry hadn't seen this comment until today... Petersen

but note this is only proposed for git/spin package...

  • you have to update it again for fedora 13 :-(

but it looks promising now ;-)

  • I am going to let it trough, put please update it too the newest template too asap..
  • Bruno: The Spins SIG went over the wiki page and ks file and had another question/suggestion. We noticed that the ks includes the live-base ks and a bunch of desktop stuff instead on including the live-desktop ks. This appears to introduce extra maintenance outside of the main area of the spin and makes it less consistent with other desktop oriented spins. We were wondering if there was a particular reason you want to do things the way you have?

juhp: good question and sorry for not seeing this before - I think at the time I felt the full desktop package set was not needed, but I have just committed the change to use base off livecd-desktop -- is live-desktop better for dvd size images?

What would it take to move the kickstart file from custom/ to the toplevel dir?