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The Fedora Localization Project - Language Coordinator

The coordinator is the contact point for the group. Each language group should have a coordinator, so that other people can reach the group easily and new members can request for help directly from a person in the team. For this reason, a coordinator should already be familiarized with our tools and processes.

You could define 2 coordinators in order to be safe and always have someone responsive.

Your role is to organize your team, build it up, help your team members... Take all the actions to make your team a strong and successful community inside the Fedora Localization Project. But don't forget to have fun! :)

Approving New Translators

Each new contributor has to follow these steps: L10N/Guide#Creating_a_Fedora_Account

You role as a coordinator is to make sure the process is respected, and to validate each necessary steps (usually FAS group and Weblate, sometimes mailing list subscription).

Do not approve any unknown user(s) who has not made proper self-intro on your mailing list if you have one, or on the general one.

One of our core values is "Friend". Better to know at least a little each other, we are a community.

Becoming a Language Coordinator

Take a look at our existing teams. If your language group does not already have a coordinator, step up to be one by following the steps below. You need to have a FAS account and a Bugzilla account.

If there is a current coordinator and you will be taking over the role with some reason, the current coordinator must agree and post an announcement of this hand-over to the trans mailing list. In case the current coordinator is totally unresponsive, first please contact the administrator.

  • Write to the trans mailing list and tell the group that you want to be the coordinator. Subscribe to this mailing list if not done yet. This is the one that you'll use to gain L10N support.
    • Is it an handover from old/new coordinator? We would really like to see the precedent coordinator sending an e-mail to make it official, so we limit eventual conflicts and can welcome the new coordinator.
  • Ask on the trans mailing list (or best: open a Bugzilla ticket for this request) and ask to update the owners.list file with your Bugzilla information. Someone can help you on IRC for this (#fedora-g11n[?]).
  • Make sure your team gets to know you by sending a self-introduction to the your local mailing list.

Language Mailing List

  • If your team doesn't have a mailing list of its own, create one: each team with over 2-3 members should have its own mailing list.
  • To request a new mailing list, please open a ticket at Fedora Infrastructure. If you are to discuss only translations, a name like trans-XX is appropriate (e.g. trans-de). You can log in with your FAS credentials. Don't forget to link to your request/presentation on the trans mailing list (the archives are here).

If you have bigger plans and would like at some point to address also end-users, a name like XX-users could be considered.

Weblate Languages

  • Subscribe to our translating platform, Fedora Weblate, then ask to create a new team.

FAS: Becoming the cvsl10n Group Sponsor

  • Post a request e-mail to trans mailing list with your FAS username, letting the Administrator know. If it is take-over, then the current coordinator's announcement post can trigger the Administrator's action.
  • According to FAS vocable: the Administrator will upgrade you from a User to a Sponsor.


In order to create a Bugzilla component for a language, please file a ticket at fedora-infrastructure