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UNIX Base System Exhibition - Khartoum, SUDAN

When and Where

26 - 30 April 2009, University of Khartoum, Khartoum, SUDAN

Goal of the Exhibition

The exhibition is made to spread the concept of open source software in general; UNIX based systems in particular, and their role in world of technology.

Exhibition Departments

  1. Introduction to the open source world.
  2. Unix based systems show department.
  3. End used department.
  4. Networks department.
  5. Programming department.
  6. Security department.
  7. Sudanese Linux distribution.


UBSE Team Photograph
Project Supervisor(s)
Unix Based System Web site Wijdan Ahmed Altaib
Video Conference Alla Aljak & Iman Mutwali
IPv6 Firewall Mohammed Gais
Trix Box Bashir Badar Aldin
Solaris Basics Khalid Abd Allah
Thin Client Mai Abd Alsalam
Video Real Time Mai Abd Alsalam
VoIP Mai Abd Alsalam
Servers Configuration Kheder Adam
On-line Operating System Amjad Mohi Aldain

Stuff and Requirements

  • Two (2) IP Phones.
  • Five (5) Switches.
  • Three (3) Routers.
  • Eight (8) PCs.
  • LAN Cables.
  • Four (4) Network Cards.
  • Access point.


  • Supporting Fedora Ambassador: Hisham Abdel-Magid
  • Supervisor : Aamer Mohammed Ahmed Abd alla [e-mail:]