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Alan Lu
Alan Lu
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Home: TaiChung, Taiwan
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FAS-Name: a2n
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Begin to use Linux

When I was 17, I was wondering change the start button logo to other icon in Windows. One day, the school teacher show me his desktop, I was surprised, said, "Your icon is a gear, how did you do that? I am still looking for the tip for a long time! And your icons looks weird"

It's not Windows, he answered.


Since then, he brought me to the Free Open-Source world! Gave me the-copied-CD, and I was afraid of it's illegal. In the summer vacation, I was sucked with home-PC, all data were gone, my favorite SEGA emulator games! And that was RedHat 6.1.


I am a software engineer now, most of my system programming knowledge was learned from *nix. Fedora is a easy-to-start distribution. I am galding to introduce Fedora to people who interests on this gear icon, or integre it to a business solution.



Prompting Fedora distribution in local technical meeting. Making the slides or materials in Fedora, and spread to folks.