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Abdelhak Bougouffa
[[Image:|thumb|center|Abdelhak Bougouffa]]
Personal Information
Birthday: 1992
Home: Boumerdes, Algeria
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: abougouffa
Miscellaneous Information
Private Mail:
GPG-Key: A3E1AC37
IRC: abougouffa on in
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Abdelhak Bougouffa

My name is Abdelhak BOUGOUFFA from Algeria, 22 years old, I'm an InfoTronic student (InfoTronique; Informatique et Electronique) at the University of Boumerdes (UMBB), I'm the president of the Computer Club in our university CIUB [1] and the creator/webmaster of his website, I'm also a self-made programmer/developer.

The beginning

In 2007 (I was 15 years old) I started learning programming, during one year; I worked hard to learn the basics of programming using the Visual Basic language. Then I moved to the development under the .NET Framework (using VB.NET then C#).

Descovering the Free and Open Source world

At the end of 2009, when I was learning Python, I discovered the amazing world of free and open source softwares, since; I'm a GNU/Linux user and after 3 years I've become a GNU/Linux System Administrator (under Debian, ArchLinux and Fedora/CentOS). And during the last 5 years; I teached people the free softwares culture philosophy and I teached them the how to install and use the GNU/Linux operating system.

Other Contacts

  • Jabber/XMPP: abougouffa [at] member [dot] fsf [dot] org
  • Skype: abdelhak.bougouffa
  • Twitter: @abougouffa [2]

And if you want to play chess while we disscus :-)

  • lichess username: hacko [3]


  • I'm working to promote the Free and Open Source Softwares culture in my country (Algeria).
  • I'm teaching programming, GNU/Linux, LaTeX, Web development and some FOSS (like GIMP and Inkscape) in the computer sciences club.
  • Developing and contributing to free and open source projects [4]
  • Integrating Free and Open Source solutions.
  • I'm working as freelancer at oDesk [5]

Activities within Fedora

  • I've started my technical blog to write about Fedora and FOSS [6]
  • I'm teaching Fedora in the computer sciences club as one of the best GNU/Linux distros.
  • I'm teaching some free and open source softwares under Fedora (like Octave, Scilab, Maxima, Inkscape, GIMP, LaTeX...) to let people be familiar with the Fedora OS and let them be active users :-).
  • I'm a member of Fedora QA team, I test new unstable releases and find and fix bugs.