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Carlos Joel Delgado Pizarro

Contact Information

Who am I?

I am Computer Engineering and Systems student, former from National University of San Antonio Abad of Cusco and now from Technological University of Peru. I'm Linux user since 2002 and Free Software activist from the same year, the first distro I used was Red Hat 8. Founder of study circle "Mosoq Kallpa" dedicated to the promotion of free software alongside with Alex Oviedo and Founder of IDATUX linux users group, alongside with Carlos Jara Alva. I am a software developer, now I'm focus on web develop using Python and Django; I like to teach other what I've learnt during all my travel in the Free Software world.


  • FLISOL 2013 on Iquitos Perú — Introduction to Python.
  • FLISOL 2013 on Iquitos Perú — Web develpoing with Python and Django.
  • UCSSINUX Open Day — Django, framework to develop web applications
  • SOFLISEOANE 2010 — LibreOffice for enterprise work
  • Organizer and speacher of many small talks about Free Software in many educational institutes.