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Casey Jones

Email: [[MailTo(cljones AT fedoraproject DOT org)]


Thanks for stopping by. My name is Casey Jones. I am currently a Linux Engineer, part-time colocation administrator, and entry-level C++ developer. I have been a huge Linux fan for a while, but I got started with Fedora during the earlier days of Fedora Core 3 and instantly fell in love. It is probably the best engineered operating system I have found to date and encourage anyone to try it out. My interest in Fedora Core is the prime motivation for why I wanted to become an Fedora Ambassador. Fedora Linux is so versatile that it can easily perform as a very stable and efficient high-end server, or as an excellent desktop operation system for anyone who may have never even tried Linux before.

Linux Links

And then, there's my page. But I have to caution that it is very very very barebones right now. The visual appeal of my website and even the content is very lacking. But, I'm including the link only because I do have big developments planned there soon.