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Codarren Velvindron

I work as an Advanced Skills Cloud Specialist at Orange.


   * Email:
   * IRC: codarren 
     #fedora, #fedora-ambassadors
   * Fedora Account: codarren

Activities within Fedora

  • I help friends and people troubleshoot their Fedora issues
  • I am a Fedora Ambassador from Mauritius
  • I am an Executive member of and we all use Fedora
  • I promote Fedora wherever and whenever i can.
  • I blog about Fedora as i discover one of its many features myself
  • I am working on package maintenance within the Fedora Community.

Fedora Events Organized

  • Fedora Mauritius 2016
  • Hackathon Mauritius 2016

Hackathon Operation SAD

Achievements and Projects

  • LibreSSL to the GNU/Linux Kernel

  • Tarsnap Secure Cloud Storage contributor

  • Bash completion Module for IPSET

With Fedora, I feel that everything that I discover, and yet I am still scratching the surface. I am looking forward to make a few contributions of my own to Fedora.

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