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This is a draft and could change drastically or not even be here in the future.

Fedora Training

This idea grew out off a chat on IRC

Bart, I added a few notes here and there. -- PWF

Fedora Training is a place where (primarily) all new contributors for a Fedora project can go to learn the basics to get working in that project and (secondarily) for Fedora users to get used to the Fedora distribution.

Ideas / goals for Training

  • Use Moodle for courses
  • Screencasts for basic steps
  • Audiocasts for more advanced topics
  • Rely in part on other learning resources for material (e.g. Wikipedia) [[[PaulWFrields| PWF]]
  • Provide easy quizzes so students can test their knowledge retention [[[PaulWFrields| PWF]]
  • Provide templates for silent development to prevent confusion [[[PaulWFrields| PWF]]
  • Centralize project documentation that lives on the wiki


  • Use standards for adult learning, i.e. objective based
  • Set goal(s)
  • Address each skill or knowledge area as a milestone required to achieve goal
  • Teach to the milestones
  • Set training modules up in a way they can be mixed and matched for a curriculum if desired

There's more to this than what I've written, but we can investigate that. [[[PaulWFrields| PWF]]


These are just some subject matter areas that are probably good targets for courses:


  • SELinux (understanding, reading AVC errors, using tools, writing policy modules)
  • puppet, cobbler, etc. (bulk system management)

Fedora Project oriented

The idea here is to enable people to get active in the various projects by helping them find there way around, at there own pace

  • Usage of FAS, VCS + keep link towards upstream docs
  • Packagers workflow (writing of spec-files, koji usage)
  • Documentation workflow (docbook, XSLT, ...)
  • Infrastructure-topics

External references

Other (Open Source) projects that are introducing/using a similar method to enable the community: