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Ricardo David Carrillo Sanchez 'dominusceo'

Ricardo David Carrillo Sanchez
Ricardo David Carrillo Sanchez
Fedora Information
FAS name: dominusceo
Fedora email:
IRC nick: domiusceo
IRC channels: #fedora-latam,#fedora-embassators,#fedora-websites,#rhel,#fedora,#fedora-es,#fedora-security
Fedorapeople page:
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About Me

I work on Instituto Nacional Electoral in Mexico City- since 2007 - as Operator and Sysadmin. Part of my duties are maintain some infrastructural services as Electronic Mail Infrastructure (part of it) and provide virtual and physical, storage and process infrastructure to different main areas from the organization.

I began to use Linux as Operative Systems since College, starting at with Debian and with Fedora core 1, passing from Ubuntu to others, but right now I use Fedora as my base daily work system. I like the IT topics specially Linux and security information related.

Future plans

  • Enhance Fedora´s presence in Mexico City.
  • Practice Security Awareness with all my fellows and all those people interested on it based on Fedora's systems.
  • Contribute to spread/support Fedora use as a daily work system and as stable server plataform.
  • Make contributions with other subprojects - especially to artwork and docs!.
  • Help to anyone who need related into Fedora topics.
  • Try fedora releases into a virtual environments


  • Email: dominusceo at
  • IRC: dominusceo @ - #fedora, #fedora-latam, #fedora-ambassadors, #rhel,
  • Fedora Account: dominusceo
  • Twitter: @openinsecureit