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Lukas Brausch

My name is Lukas Brausch and I'm living in Germany. If you want to know more about me add the JID to your Jabber roster or write an e-mail to [[MailTo(gromobir AT arcor DOT de)] . ;)

Some other projects where I'm the founder of or where I´m involved at the moment:

  • - A german wiki to promote and support free software.
  • - The german Wikipedia.
  • - A german page with news and articles related to science. Sometimes there are even some articles under a free Creative Commons license.
  • - A (mainly) german Wiki related to GNU/Linux.
  • ... many forums, mailinglists or smaller wikis


  • Email: [[MailTo(gromobir AT arcor DOT de)]
  • IRC: gromobir
  • GPG key: 972A1492
  • Fedora Account: gromobir

Activities within Fedora

At the moment I´m a member of the german translation team to improve and extend support for german users.