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Hedda Peters

I'm a full time technical translator working for Red Hat in Brisbane (Australia) since 2008.

I am mainly working on the various Red Hat product lines, e.g. RHEL, RHN, JBoss, including documentation, software and websites, but occasionally there is some spare time for contributing to the Fedora project, usually software modules.

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Email : [[MailTo(hpeters SPAMFREE AT redhat DOT com)]

[hpeters@hpeters ~]$ gpg --fingerprint EB38B543 pub 1024D/EB38B543 2009-03-26

    Key fingerprint = 96F9 59F8 DD6F 9579 DB02  0472 6364 18E3 EB38 B543