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Bibhas Ch Debnath

About Me

I’m Bibhas Chandra Debnath. A 21 years old fellow from India. I stay at Kolkata, West Bengal. I’m a Final year College student. Studying B.Tech on Information Technology. I love programming. I love fiddling with codes. Which languages I know, doesn’t matter. I can adapt with any language you can throw at me.

I am active in many online discussion forums line Chip, Superuser or StackOverflow. I’m a bit lazy when it comes to writing stuff. Hence I’m not much active in blogging. But I post regularly in Twitter and Facebook. I like providing feedback on products/services. And if its open source, I like to have a peek, if needed.

I’m a FOSS enthusiast. most of my works are Open source and freely available. This blog is for sharing all the oddities I find or discover or develop. This is one of my favorite hobby, to let people know of odd stuff. I work on Windows(When I need to test something there), on Ubuntu(When I’m working on my lappy) and Fedora(When I’m working on my desktop or college PCs). I also encourage entrepreneurship as I think there’s no fun like being accomplishing something yourself. To get in touch with me, you can either mail me, or Tweet me at @iAmBivas [1] or add me as a friend in Facebook [2].

Am glad that you dropped by.

Contact Me

E-Mail :

Twitter : @iAmBivas

Home Site : [3]

Phone : +91 9836510821

Future Plan

Still working on it.