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Pablo Iranzo Gómez


  • My name is Pablo Iranzo, and I live in Valencia, Spain.
  • I work with FOSS, been a Consultant, Technical Account Manager for Cloud, then Software Maintenance Engineer for OpenStack and then Software Engineer
  • I've been a member of LinUV ([1]) and Valux ([2]) for many years, giving some talks at their events covering system administration, guided installations for newbies as well as providing support during the event to both assistants and to organization.

LinkIn link

Here you will get my linkedIn profile [3]

How to reach me ?

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail.

  • Email: Pablo.Iranzo @
  • IRC Nick: iranzo @ #fedora/#fedora-es // freenode
  • GPG KEYID and fingerprint: 0xFAD3CF0D, FPR: 87C0 721D 5B95 9F36 56C6 541C 9DA5 C341 FAD3 CF0D
  • my blog at <>


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