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What is Testday App

TestdayApp is a simple web-application, that allows for easier submissions of testdays' results. It was created as an alternative to the Wiki editing, in a response to numerous calls for a tool that makes the process "entering of results into the wiki" easier.

As such, it provides just a simple UI for submitting results (for the users), 'events' are created based on a simple metadata format (that will be described next in the text), and the results can be exported into the wiki-syntax tables, so we don't loose the "all the results are stored in wiki pages" concept. Feel free to try it out with this mock test day.

How to use the TestdayApp

Create a wikipage containing metadata

The TestdayApp event is described by a simple metadata structure. We use the fedoraproject wiki to store metadata information. The metadata format is described here.

Although the the format itself is quite simple, we know that learning by example is the best, so each 'event' page (e.g. the mock test day) has a link called "Wiki Metadata" in the bottom-right corner. This link is pointing to the Metadata page respective to the shown event.

Please use the mock test day and its metadata to play around with the tool.

Create a new event in the TestdayApp

Once you have the metadata page (or a working draft, the event can be updated later on), visit the admin page and go to the "Create/Update testday" section.

Then simply copy and paste the whole URL of the wiki page containing metadata (e.g. ) into the form, and hit the Submit button. New event will be created, and you can find it on the TestdayApp's main page.

Updating/changing the event

Should you decide to change the metadata - and this can mean anything from adding testcases, to renaming it, or moving it into some other group, just edit the metadata wiki page, and proceed like you were creating a new testcase (visit the admin page, enter the full URL and hit Submit). The test cases are identified by the provided URL, so you can move it around, change its name, or even its type (whether the result should be from Pass/Fail/Info set or free form), and the currently submitted results won't be affected or lost.

Export the data

Once the testday is finished (we usually let people use the tool for a week, then export the data and leave the latecomers with the wiki editing), you should visit the "Export Testday" section of the admin interface. Enter the metadata page's full URL and hit submit to get the results matrix in wiki syntax. This code can then be easily copy-pasted into the testday's wiki page.


The project page is:

Should you encounter any problem, or just seek help, please contact User:jskladan either via IRC (#fedora-qa channel on freenode) or via email (