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About the Spins SIG

The Spins SIG develops, releases and maintains the Fedora Spins as available on, and develops, releases and maintains the utilities used to create spins.

Who's Who in the Spins SIG?

Joe Sixpack
John Doe
Jane Doe
Max Imum
Developer, Infrastructure liaison
Min Imum
Quality Assurance liaison
Joe Average
Release Engineering liaison

Who Does What?

Calls and organizes meetings, (co-)maintains schedules, approves guideline and process changes
Secretary (also called Wrangler)
Applies the Spins processes, (co-)maintains schedules
Develops and maintains the utilities required
Infrastructure liaison
The Spins SIG interface to the Infrastructure team, tasked with, amongst others, build and compose facilities
Quality Assurance liaison
The Spins SIG interface to the Quality Assurance team, tasked with, amongst others, organizing test days and test-case development and maintenance.
Release Engineering liaison
The Spins SIG interface to the Release Engineering team, tasked with, amongst others, the various composing tasks and maintaining and applying release criteria.

Spins Development and Release Cycle

  1. First, a spin is proposed.
  2. After review by the Spins SIG developers, it is included in the spin-kickstarts' custom/ directory
  3. Should the spin be released by and through the Fedora Project, Infra, QA and Rel-Eng together with the spin maintainer determine a feasible release schedule.

Spin Proposal

  1. A spin is proposed by submitting the kickstart for the new spin and a description to the Spins SIG. See also: Action Items for a new Spins Proposal
  2. For the person proposing the new spin, attendance at the next Spins SIG meeting is mandatory, or the new spin defaults to being rejected.

Spin Proposal: Action Items

  1. Include the kickstart in the spin-kickstarts repository, under the custom/ directory.
  2. Make the necessary changes to the,, etc.
  3. Launch a livecd compose task against koji for the latest current release. (Note: rawhide may be too volatile for this item)
  4. Put a review task on the meeting agenda for the first upcoming Spins SIG meeting.