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Sumit Bhardwaj

I am a BPM/ECM/Java/J2EE Consultant by profile and also a Python, Linux and Fedora Project enthusiast by choice. I am from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India and currently living in Pune, Maharashtra. I have been using Fedora since 2003 (Fedora Core 1 and RHL9 time) and since Fedora 20, it has become my primary operating system. I feel it is one of the best Linux distribution in every way and specially for the Indian community due to its features like delta RPMs, its developer centric approach and strong community engagement in the country.

I love coding and learning different programming languages as well as hunting bugs in my and other people's code. C, C++, Python, Java are some of the languages I like although as part of my profession, I work on these and many more including UI technologies like HTML5, CSS, Javascript etc as well.

Some of the wonderful solutions crafted by the Open source community have made a lot of difference in my professional as well as personal life and I am always looking forward towards contributing and giving back to this awesome community in whatever way possible.

I am currently working as a Technical Consultant on BPM and ECM Technologies at Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd.


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Email: sumit k bhardwaj AT gmail DOT com (remove the spaces between sumit k and bhardwaj)
Blog: Krazy About Technology
IRC: SumitB / Freenode