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Generic Media

About this document

This document is a draft to determine the requirements for generic media to be freely distributed by Brazilian Fedora Ambassadors in events or to be shipped.


Due the short Fedora life cycle (usually 6 months) and logistic problems, the Ambassadors usually get media to distribute in conferences 2 or 3 months after the general availability of a release and often ends failing to distribute them, leading to a waste of money for the project and contributing to environment pollution, since old CDs and DVDs eventually discarded.


Instead ordering printed and burned CDs and DVDs of each Fedora release we can buy only DVDs with a generic label printed, and burn it on demand. This would allow us to have a media usable for not just a release, but for many years help and avoid the waste.

This media would be ordered by project in big amounts (to cost less) and distributed to Ambassadors by local media wranglers. The Ambassadors would be responsible to burning it and distribute it in events. If a larger number is required for a big event, for instance a group of volunteers can be involved on it.

It's important to keep in mind that even this may look a more complicated process, but the focus here is avoiding the waste of resources and allow Ambassadors having material to distribute.

Fedora Releases

Since most Live Desktop Spins cannot fit in a CD-ROM media, a DVD is the best choice because it can fit both the 32-bit and 64-bit Install images, as well the Multi Desktop Live DVD (single architectures).


Until this moment we have a candidate for the Label kindly made by User:Wolnei, but we are open for suggestions.