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Eduardo Mayorga Téllez
Eduardo Mayorga Téllez
Fedora Information
FAS name: mayorga
Fedora email:
IRC nick: mayorga
IRC channels: #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-latam, #fedora-l10n, #fedora-audio, #fedora-es, #fedora-docs
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About me

Eduardo is interested in things related to kernel development and low-level programming, geographical information systems, and astrophysics. He contributes to free software projects in his spare time and often speaks about his projects in technology conferences (see below). Talk to him about new fancy SoC platforms, DSLs, differences between GNU/Linux distributions, and programming contests.

Activities within Fedora


My packages

I own:

  • nik4 -- Command-line interface to a Mapnik rendering toolkit

I'm an active comaintainer of:


I'm also a packager sponsor. These are the packagers I've sponsored:

  • Martin Ueding

Feel free to ping me if you need a reviewer for a package review request.


I'm a coordinator (with Domingo Becker) for the Spanish translation team.