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  • Monday morning mtg, planning/priorities for week
  • met Westford Fedora folks thanks to Warren - now sitting next to Spot in Paul's desk
  • emailed John re: filming presence at POSSE, will follow-up
  • sent in site request form for
  • updating speaker suggestion list with feedback, beginning to draft recruitment pitches
  • joined planet Fedora


  • Tried a crack at Fedora_11_tour#In-depth_feature_profiles to get over writer's block
  • revised 5 Slides About POSSE, taking far too much time to do so
  • pinged FUDCON swag sources for POSSE swag quotes (between $75-$320 for 500 stickers. Yowza!)
  • figuring out couchsurfin' housin' for July travel


  • POSSE speaker invite drafts
  • July travel settled
  • discovered how bugzilla works by spamming quaid with docs tickets ;)


  • Weekly POSSE planning call with gdk, ctyler, humph; we are kicking ass.
  • POSSE press call with Greg, Kara... we're getting a lot of practice explaining POSSE to people. Sweet.
  • good grief you people send a lot of email.


  • Watched Sebastian completely kick ass through a very productive Edu SIG meeting. Greg was lurking along with us, logs are finally up.
    • SIG goal is to highlight/improve/evangelize/help users implement in schools/edu contexts the edu packages available in Fedora. Note focus on packages. Spins just help us gain momentum/traction for packaging-fu.
    • It also now has weekly meetings. Yay Sebastian, again!
    • Our next spin will be specifically for the POSSE profs (and ready in time for POSSE week).
    • Aggressive roadmap for that on its way. Sebastian is going to be driving, it looks like I'll be riding shotgun (with the hopes that I can hop out of the passenger seat after July and pass this on to someone else, yay momentum!).
    • Strategy: Have professors teaching classes on how to contribute to OSS (educational) project as our target user base, and k12osn list to be their users.
    • People to get input/feedback from on this: Steve Jacobs's Math4 class (via KarlieRobinson)... any others?
    • Starting the flywheel on this one took 2 hours of 100% attention, hopefully that'll diminish after the next few meetings once Sebastian gets everyone in the habit of participating.
  • Asked other Red Hat interns for feedback on POSSE so far, already have some good leads/material ideas from that. Win!
  • POSSE administrivia call with Greg and Max
    • swag budget: desperately put $ amounts by everything,
    • followup on Red Hat POSSE web presence; Greg taking to brand
    • ...and slides. Greg's picking those up too. Yay Greg!


  • Website thoughts braindumping inspired by Max's notes and Mo's gorgeous mockup
  • Got SIGs/Education and Edu Spin wiki pages, plan, direction, etc. to a point where (hopefully) it can help Sebastian run things more smoothly. (This was on personal time.)
  • send out swag donation requests for POSSE
  • followup with Lana

Next week

  • followup with Kara (Weds)
  • followup on POSSE filming presence with Kim (Thurs)