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  • Arrange call with Mark Howson
  • Megabus failboats on having wifi, grr
  • call with John Tierney (Sugar Labs) and various followup
  • CommArch call
  • followup with various engineering education meetings from last week
  • dinner with RIT co-op students (Math4/Sugar Labs/potential TOS)


  • mktg meeting stuffs
  • join ambassadors-list, watch for FUDCon stuff
  • hop on Campus Ambassadors, look around and see what (POSSE-related) stuff can be done


  • more POSSE emails


  • get interviewed
  • talk with Mo about Design outreach - POSSE here? Fedora Design needs CommArch help... also catch up about Websites, Design, Marketing, FI
  • start POSSE video editing
  • followup with John Tierney
  • POSSE email followup; have backlog of DOOOOM


  • internal education strategy plan wiki ninjahood
  • edu strategy call
  • Move all future POSSEs forward (make TOS wikipages)
  • POSSE press: are we writing everything we need to be writing? Followup with Kara.
  • POSSE survey draft to posse09 mailing list
  • 1h marketing tasksprint: after ticket-shoveling, work out FI roadmap in light of zikula not being ready and Ian being too hosed to take on the tech lead now
  • RIT students + David Farning (Sugar Labs) visit Westford office; Luke Macken hosting (afaik) but I'll help out. RIT + RH + SL + TOS going-forward gameplan to appropriate wikis/lists


  • going to a friend's wedding
  • hanging out with family
  • maybe setting up semantic mediawiki for Fedora Test Day for SoaS if I'm feeling bored once family all goes to sleep ;)


  • help Chaitanya do the FWN mktg beat
  • zzz