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This is the official page for publishing information about events organized by me(MustafaQasim).All the events are also formally updated at Fedora Events and Fedora Past Events.

Important.png Personally It is part of my small cabin at Fedora Project where I play my role. For simplifying and making my work efficient and managed. Here I will work on event organization and will keep a clean and managed record of my past and upcoming event activity.
Stop (medium size).png This is Mustafa Qasim's personal event page. If you are looking for "Fedora Events" then please consult FedoraEvents.

Upcoming Events

All the upcoming events are listed here.

Status Symbols:

Note.png Mature: Ready to launch. All the planing discussions and paper work has been completed. The event will be organized on its mentioned date Inshah-Allah

Warning.png Immature: The event is on discussion table. Meeting Room is the place to build an event.

Stop (medium size).png Suspended: the event has been suspended due to lack of resource/planning or some other reason.

Date Name of Event Location and Short Description Ambassadors Status
N/A FOSS Day Lahore, Pakistan NayyarAhmad MustafaQasim Stop (medium size).png

Idea.png Meeting Room has 1 immature event on discussion table. Any kind of suggestions or ideas are highly appreciated. Go to Meeting Room .

Past Events

All the past events are listed here. These are also updated at FedoraEvents/PastEvents.

Date Name of Event Location and Short Description Ambassadors Estimated Attendance