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Building a Better "Get Fedora" Page

This page describes a user's flow in a new get-fedora page on the static web site.

General Idea

The general idea, as I explained to Toshio and some others at FUDCon, is to make the design follow these constraints:

1. Allow experts to bail into a typical technobabble list of choices. Don't bog them down. 1. For everyone else, follow a "choose your own adventure" workflow. 1. Avoid all jargon and present questions anyone can answer. 1. The choices should continue to use the same screen real estate. Do not link to new pages if possible, just use JavaScript or something similar to reuse the same part of the page for additional questions. 1. Help on BitTorrent should include links for Windows, Mac, and Linux to the simplest effective BT software in a way that doesn't navigate users away from the Get Fedora site. 1. Ask for a user's spin preference. The top choice is "I'm not sure, choose for me," which results in the default Desktop Live or Install image.


1. determine whether the user wants a Live spin or an Install DVD spin or network boot image 1. determine what kind of computer (architecture) the user has 1. determine whether the user has a spin preference, and if so, which 1. deliver links to the torrent, along with enough information to help the user install BitTorrent (direct download by geoip for the BT-impaired?) 1. Whatever the end result, also provide link to the Installation Guide .

Suggested Questions

Questions are not necessarily A/B, but allow a range of answers that direct to the correct next step.

1. Which of these statements best describes what you want?

  • I'd like to try Fedora out without installing, to see if I like it, and then install it later. (--> Live --> next Q)
  • I'd like to have a larger set of software choices available. (--> Install DVD --> next Q)
  • I have a fast broadband connection to the Internet and time for a large download. (--> Install DVD --> next Q)
  • I have a fast broadband connection and would like to install over the Internet. (--> network boot ISO --> next Q)
  • I'd like the smallest download possible for a fully functioning Fedora. (--> Live --> next Q)
  • I have a very slow or no Internet connection and would like to receive media. (--> and )

1. Which of these descriptions best matches your computer system?

  • Apple Macintosh (--> skip to (*) question)
  • Microsoft Windows-compatible (--> skip to (**) question)
  • Other (--> skip to (***) question, may not be just PPC)

1. (*) Which of these descriptions best matches your Macintosh system?

  • An G5 or older Power Macintosh or PowerBook (--> PPC)
  • A newer Intel-based Macintosh, iMac, MacBook, or MacBook Pro (--> x86_64)

1. (**) Which of these descriptions best matches your Windows-compatible system?

  • A newer Intel Core 2 Duo or 64-bit Xeon (--> x86_64)
  • An AMD Athlon64, Turion64, or Sempron64 (--> x86_64)
  • An Intel Core Duo (not Core 2 Duo) (--> i686)
  • An Intel Pentium II, III, 4, or Celeron (--> i686)
  • An AMD Athlon, AthlonXP, Turion, or Sempron (--> i686)

Now we proceed to the BitTorrent or a direct download for mini-ISOs like the network boot. 1. (***) Which of these descriptions best matches your system?

  • An IBM pSeries, iSeries, or RS/6000 (--> PPC)
  • A Sony PlayStation 3 (--> PPC)
  • A Gensis Pegasos II (--> PPC)

1. Choose one of the following:

  • I know what BitTorrent is and I'd like to use it to download. (--> .torrent)
  • I don't know what BitTorrent is, but I'd like to try it, since that's the recommended way to get Fedora. (--> Popup on getting and using BT)
  • I just want an easy download link, even if it takes longer to get. (--> fastest mirror)

1. Do you have any preferences based on your location or interests? (NOTE: The standard choice has support for almost all languages and regions built in, not just US/English.)

  • No, please choose for me. (--> default Live or Install)
  • I want a Fedora built for a specific language or region. (--> makes a dropdown box visible --> spin for that locale)
  • I want a Fedora customized for a specific feature set. (--> makes a dropdown box visible --> spin for KDE, Games, FEL...)