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This test case checks, whether the release repository and install media contain all packages and information required for release (e.g. release notes, fedora-release package, ...). This test doesn't need to be done on machine with new release installed.

How to test

  1. Install package spin-kickstarts
  2. Download this script and execute it. It will check, whether kickstarts from the package spin-kickstarts define right repositories.
  3. Uninstall spin-kickstarts
  4. Mount DVD.iso. You can do it for example by running command su -c 'mount -o loop Fedora-17-Alpha-x86_64-DVD.iso /media'
  5. Look if DVD.iso contains fedora-release and fedora-release-notes packages. You can do it by command ls /<path to the mounted iso>/Packages/fedora-release*
  6. There must also be generic packages in release repository. Check this up by running command yum --releasever=$RV search generic-release where $RV is release version you are testing.

Expected Results

  1. Script shouldn't write out any error.
  2. There should be all packages with release informations and release notes in repository and on the install medium.