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CommunityArchitecture goals for FY2009 (Mar 2008 - Feb 2009). Initial year goals reset Sep 2008 (Q3) after transferring to the Comm Arch team full-time.

  • Guide ISV community efforts
    • Qualitative: Although many ISVs maintain viable upstream projects, they have not been exposed to the level of interaction and collaboration that occurs in a Linux distribution. Fedora provides a way for ISVs to get together, solve common problems, and grow an ecosystem of users and contributors. Part of this efforteaches the ISVs how to be better contributors to Fedora.
    1. Growth in number of ISVs participating in the SIG
    2. Growth in ISV-related packages in Fedora and EPEL
    3. Advancement to resolution on JPackage and Fedora Java packaging
  • Support NA Ambassadors
    • Qualitative: Strength in regional Ambassadors is a two-way leveraging for the Fedora Project. Ambassadors can turn a little resources from the Comm Arch budget in to good exposure for Fedora. Comm Arch gets a group that is effectively spreading a consistent, quality message about Fedora. The North American contintent has unique requirements: a relatively homogeneus culture for its size; difficult/expensive to travel far; relatively easy to travel regionally; growing regional identity around FLOSS.
    1. Metric 1
    2. Metric 2
  • Embrace and extend Fedora Docs
    • Qualitative:
    1. Metric 1
    2. Metric 2
  • Extend developer contributors to Fedora
    • Qualitative
    1. Metric 1
    2. Metric 2
  • Fedora marketing and brand awareness
    • Qualitative
    1. GSoC?
    2. Metric 2
  • Fedora leadership
    • Qualitative: There is a loose formula of pulling interest and activity to a project by having individuals with a strong gravity act in leader and doer positions. Depending on the project and details defines how long the gravity-people need to be in a location before they can pull stakes and move to the next. There has been an evolution over time as this formula has been successful. Other people are picking up and duplicating it; people are requesting the leadership focus; people are recognizing that the appearance of $Foo means stuff is finally going to get done. (It is a self-fulfilling prophesy, in some cases.) The goal here is to continue to repeat this process, moving the evolution forward as fast as it can, until the possible point where the gravity-people and formula work entirely from community contributors and do not require a special team working on it.
    1. Fedora Project Board - appointment ending soon; either get re-elected or seek another position where the gravity is needed.
    2. Fedora Marketing - second-banana, this project still seems to need a higher % of to keep the momentum. Able to step-back by FUDCon F11.
    3. Fedora Websites - looking for a break-away group, keeping a second-banana status and focusing on momentum. Able to step-back by FUDCon F11.
    4. Fedora Docs - complex project where my roots are deep is harder for me to get a good perspective on; Paul is my second-banana but maybe we need another, new person; focus on project management and growing leadership for a while still. Able to step-back to second or peer leadership by F11.

Personal Development

  • Pass RHCE re-up for RHEL 5
  • Classes toward RHCSS