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Rahul Mahale
Rahul Mahale
Personal information
Location: Nashik, India
Birthday: 19th September, 1990
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About me

Hi Fedorians. I am Rahul from Nashik, India. I am a Passionate Software Engineer and GNU/Linux Enthusiastic. I am a Open Source User and Promoter, I am a Linux Lover, a Fedorian and a Rubyist.

Work:- Software Developer, Winjit Technologies Nashik Education:- B.E.I.T(Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology.)

Graduated From :-SITRC Nashik, University of Pune.

Email:- rahul[dot]mahale123[at]gmail[dot]com

Skills:- Programming:- C,C++,Java, Python,Ruby, Ruby on Rails

Scripting:- Shell,Python,HTML,JSP.

Databases:- Oracle,MySQL, PostgreSQL.

Operating Systems:- GNU/Linux(Fedora,Centos,Redhat,Ubuntu, Mint)

Area of Interests:- Systems, Software Development, Adminstration.

Loves:- Programming,Reading, Watching and Playing Cricket.

Favorite Sport:- Cricket,Chess.

Favorite Books:- Technical, Spiritual.

Favorite Sportsman:- Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulakar.

Contact Me


  • rahul.mahale123 AT gmail DOT com


Nick: rahulmahale
Channels: #fedora-ambassadors,#fedora

Fedora Account

Username: rahulmahale


  • Open source
  • Linux and Unix projects
  • Hacking operating systems
  • Playing Cricket
  • Blogging