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Raphael Groner

I had the pleasure to join the Fedora delegation for Linuxwochen 2013 in Vienna. In summary, we were six people.

A big thank you goes to Sirko for the organization of the booth and the appartment. The appartment was very close to the event location. So we had not to get into any hurry about being at point for the daily start of the event in the mornings. I think the decision to prefer an appartment instead of booking single hotel rooms is the right one, the rooms would have been definitely more expensive, in summary too. And who knows how far the available hotel would have been away from the event location. Though, we had to took the city trains to get into the city centre for some social eventing. We decided to go to the close chinese restaurant at the corner in the street of our appartment cause it seemed to be cheap there but the food was very satisfying, so we couldn't eat so much and the money they received is too much IMHO. We tried to save money by buying only the stuff we agreed to need for a little breakfast, to not have to throw away all not eaten stuff.

I did booth service in the first and the last day of the three event days. In the evening of the second day, I had a talk about how to test voice based applications and in general, how to split application logic from the medias for input and output, human or animal. The visitors count was not that high, maybe cause of the evening track. Anyways, I hope to have seen the rightly interested people. Further, I decided to switch the talk style to not confuse myself and the visitors as well.

Travelling to Vienna is not that problem for me. I decided to take the plane to the airport, there nobody could help me to find the train station to continue my trip into the city. So I had to improvize a little bit. In the end, I could manage to meet the other guys in the chinese restaurant. My trip back to home was sponsored by ÖBB and Deutsche Bahn that had no problem at all with delays and I could return luckily in time at home.

My conclusion is to not have seen so many nerds and freaks in only one building in so less time. Again a big thanks goes to all the organization people!