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tentative title: People Bling

While much of the focus around the KDE project is around its technology (Bling!), and rightly so, let's not forget that behind KDE lies a community. A community that is diverse, one that includes developers, documenters, translators, bug triagers, user support, distributions. I'd like to highlight some of that "People Bling" behind the KDE project.

The primary people centric group within the KDE project is the KDE e.V.. Formally, it is a registered non-profit organization that represents the KDE Project in legal and financial matters. In practical terms, it is a body of contributors that guide the direction of the project.

I personally had the pleasure of being invited to join a couple of years ago...

  • KDE Community Working Group
  • Distribution Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Fedora KDE-SIG example

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