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Your Name and Surname

Welcome to my user talk page, Firstly let me introduce myself: I am Sam Brass, 19 year old student from Sunderland, Tyne and Wear. I am studying Biomedical Science at Sunderland University but my passion for computers and computing comes part time. I have always found computers and software interesting ever since i was a child clickity clicking on my windows 98 causing problems and fixing them. Learning from my mistakes so to speak... This has brought me to helping many people in my community already, fixing the computers of my family and friends, helping them with issues and general enquiries. Helping people is my life hence the medical studies i do...


  • Email:
  • Mobile Phone Number: 07500316410
  • GPG key: F3E22916
  • Fedora Account (FAS): rexenrobyn
  • Skype: rexenrobyn
  • Location: Sunderland (Noth East England), United Kingdom

Activities within Fedora

I have used linux in the past for its stability and its usefulness, along with its security and defense from viruses, i have learned a lot over the years and plan to continue my knowledge and understanding whilst offering my knowledge to other people and guiding them to the happy bright future that is the fedora OS. I will act as the router and help clients (people) connect to the world wide web (fedora) through my feeds, granting information to users.