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The Fedora QA team is interested in exploring nitrate to replace our use of wiki for managing test results from community test events (e.g. test days, release validation etc...). This page introduced the current status of this nitrate project. An introduction of Nitrate tcms system can be found at: wiki:


There are 4 main milestones for this migration project:

  1. Use cases and features identification: we've been using wiki as our TCMS system, its use cases and the feature comparison between wiki and nitrate were identified in order to customize the required features against current Nitrate system. To improve and complete the feature lists, a pilot instance need be set up for community testing. Finally, the requirements should be raised to the tcms tools team for a customized nitrate system to fulfil our needs.
  2. Pilot instance: Before formal and wide use, a pilot instance system is required for user experience and feedback. Ticket#2673 has been filed tracking this issue as well as the mail dialogs. Note that though it's better to package nitrate first, setting up a dev version can be done in parallel with the review if the time is limited.
  3. Package Review: Nitrate should be packaged at least before the formal revision hosted into Fedora infra. The package has been actively under review at:
  4. Formal nitrate version: When all the feature requirements have been gathered and package get reviewed, it's time to set up the final version. To propose a hosting space, file a ticket at: along with a notification mail to infra mailing list ( when the resources are available, file a ticket to tools team( to require building a nitrate system.

TCMS Migration Project

A trac ticket has been filed at to track this event:

Use cases and Feature Requirements

Note that the requirement list need be further improved according to the feedback from a pilot instance to be set up for community testing.

Package Review

Nitrate package is under review at:

Yuguang, the tools team member is actively working on the package as well as it bundled libraries.

Nitrate Upstream Community

Nitrate has its own upstream community and the mail List is: It's encouraged to discuss the nitrate project there and keep the community active.

Auto scripts for Migration from wiki to nitrate

Nitrate is able to import testopia format xml file, thus a script has been developed to transfer wiki test case page(s) to a xml file which can be imported to the nitrate system. Git code is available at:;a=tree. The detailed guidance of the script can be found at:

Pilot Instance

The ticket for hosting a space to Fedora infra is:

The dialog in the infra mail lists is:

Note that one can even set up a dev instance first without the package getting reviewed as the reviewing is very time consuming, though it's better and more convenient to have the package before it.

Formal Nitrate TCMS System

The basic steps include:

  1. Make sure that the nitrate package is reviewed.
  2. Gather all the feature requirements and raise them to tools team(
  3. File a ticket to infra asking for resources: Meanwhile, send a mail for notification to:
  4. When the resources are available, ask the tools team to build the system by filing a ticket to:
  5. Maintain and update the system in the later time.


  • Tools team contact: Yuguang Wang(yuwang), Danqing Li(dli), Victor Chen(vchen)
  • Nitrate package reviewer: Jens Peterson(juhp)