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I'm Sadid Sahami an Electrical Engineering student at Razi University. My favourites fields are EE&CS,Physics and Mathematics but more specific installing Linux kernel on flies and mosquitoes and other geeky matters. ---

Linux Related Experiences

Was being familiar with Linux since 2002 is enough to see Linux evolvement during these years.first try to install a Linux, happened in 2002/2003 with RH9 and a bit later RH10 (wrong local name for FC1). both of them were unsuccessful, the first one wasn't installed at all and ruin all my disk partition tables; the second one had been installed but very bugy and bulky and soon became a complete disaster for a un-experienced and actually newbie linux user. Knoppix for while as live CD, then FC3,FC4 and Ubuntu was used.FC3 was my first stable distro installed.Then I switched to Debian etch 4.0, working with it was fine and somehow pleasant all of the stuff correctly and smoothly worked together.but there was one issue, being prudential as well as all server based distro wasn't good for a ordinary user with low bandwidth. FC7 wasn't a good experience for me, so I used Ubuntu(if I don't mistake 6.04) for a while and then SUSE for a short time(it was good vs KDE but I wanted better Gnome configuration). now I've come back to the origin,F9 and F10, and I've found fedora's communication more attractable. but I wish my contribution in fedoraproject not only make a little progress in my preferred distribution but also all the Gnu/Linux community. ---

Other ~relevant Experiences

I've done some project with different embedded Linux in different designs I like to have linux in my designs so all of opportunities to implement a Linux in a Hardware system is grabbed if the design characteristics lets. I've some experience in using Linux on a FPGA base system (not completely successful) and using it as CNC machine.embedded Linux is one of top topics in my carrier. I've design an Hardware base MPLS network switch on a Reconfigurable FPGA based design with SoC tendency. Using VHDL,VerilogHDL and MATLAB and also need to use some EDA tools cause me to be interested in OpenSouce EDA tools that has been gathered in scientific fedora. I'm familiar with C++ and python(actually I'm learning them) and some other programming languages closer to my carrier. so I like to take a part in developing and taking part in scientific fedora. hope for it. ---

Fedora Project contribution

currently I'm working in translation part as translator but it will be my first contribution type.I'm willing to expand my contribution in DoCs and if possible in the future: developing especially in embedded Linux and scientific fedora.



  • FAS: sadid
  • IRC: sadid #fedora #fedora-ir #fedora-ku #fedora-social #eca(persian)
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  • gpg key: 0x1F178665